short films

Il nido di vespe

 'Il nido di vespe' is a short film directed by Matteo Memè and produced by Girama Productions in 2019. 

The film tells the story of a young illustrator who grew up in the historic neighboorhood of 'il Quadraro' in Rome.

The 'hood is filled with street art which narrates the history of the city and inspires him everyday to strive for his goal of becoming a street artist. He eventually manages to secure a spot in a pretigious school in the United States, but soon he is confronted with a foreign culture that doesn't suit him too well, and the nostalgia for his home town, which he wants to see become a better place.

Matteo contacted me several months before the project started to take shape, with a simple yet very powerful script. His will to make this story into a short film was astounding. Besides the funds coming from a very successful crowd funding campaign, all other funds for the film were gathered by Matteo himself with hard work and dedication.

Despite the average of the crew being around 20 to 25 years old and with some who were relatively new to the industry, we managed to achieve a remarkable level of professionalism which led to an outstandingly positive experience for everyone involved.


Be assured that this is not the last time you'll hear the names of this talented director and his producers!

It's coming

 'It's coming' is a short film directed by Marco Coppola in 2019. 

Some events in life can be very murky and unclear. The psychology of stalkerism and sexual assault can be difficult topics to discuss.
This is what this film tries to explore. How does it feel to be followed on the way home? How does it feel when you can't rely on your parents or friends to help you through difficult times?
There are no answers to be given, there is only the brutality of these scenes which sadly represent some very real aspects of the world we live in.

This project was made possible by the relentless dedication of its director, who painstakingly planned every single shot and every little detail in each frame, much like a composer would write a piece for an orchestra. With a clear visual style set by the director, it was easy to convey the feelings of uneasiness and loneliness through the lighting of the interiors. 

The choice of using a consumer grade camera for this project proved to be another great step towards achieving the goal of the movie: the spectator should feel even more present in the scenes thanks to the grainy, noisy footage and the hand held camera shots.


The film was awarded by the Fipili Horror Festival 2019 and was aired during several film festivals, proving how Marco's vision had been extremely well conveyed in the final product.