Time and time again the music industry has proven to be a great ally of original storytelling and powerful cinematography.

The music video is the perfect medium for aspiring directors and cinematographers to express their most intuitive ideas and to experiment with new procedures and techniques.


Zeno is and indie rock band from Rome created in 2016.
Besides recording and performing with the band as a guitarist and second singer, I was the cinematographer and editor for five of their music videos.

alex britti

the pacific mambo orchestra

Alessandro 'Alex' Britti is a renown Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Having collaborated with artists such as B.B. King, Joe Cocker and Ray Charles and having released 12 studio albums, he's one of Italy's most prominent songwriters of the early 2000s. 

Pacific Mambo Orchestra is a Latin dance music orchestra based in the San Francisco Bay AreaTheir debut album was released in 2012, and they received a Grammy Award for it at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.


This music video was realized in 2019 with the help of two film crews, one for shooting in the San Francisco based Pacific Mambo studios, the other for shooting in Rome with lead guitarist Alex Britti.
I was the cinematographer and camera operator for the crew in Rome. This was one of the most rock'n'roll experiences in our careers!


Mitcho is an emerging indie songwriter from Rome.
As part of the promotional campaign for the release of his first album, we realized this thirty seconds teaser to be published on social media.
I took care of the cinematography and editing for the project.


why 9:16?

The vertical video format is a 'new' aspect ratio that is proving to be more and more popular in advertisement, especially for use on social media platforms such as Instagram. 

The need to create content in such a format led to new ways of framing and thinking about audio-visual media.

While often editors will use horizontal video, cropping it to accomodate the new format, I found that shooting video that is originally conceived in a vertical format is a great tool to unlock creative solutions while still being able to accurately frame subjects and light them accordingly.


Moderno is a singer-songwriter from Rome. I was the cinematographer on this music video for his single 'Le prime volte'.

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