Cinematography is the art of visual storytelling.

The cinematographer, also known as director of photography, is the person in a film crew who manages all visual aspects of an audio-visual project.


He works with the director and producers during pre-production phases of a project to conceive a compelling visual narrative which suits each character and the overall mood of the story.

During the production of a film, the cinematographer manages the 'camera' crew and the 'lighting' crew, providing instructions on how to frame the subject, move the camera and light the scene. He is one of the key figures on the set, working closely and interacting with many departments (such as set design, costumes, sound, production, direction) to ensure that all the visual aspects of a project are in harmony with all the other elements.

Finally, during post-production the cinematographer oversees the final 'color grading' of a film, which means enhancing the recorded scenes with an additional layer of fine tuning on all colors and contrast levels, a process that can dratically change and improve the mood of a scene.

What excites me the most about being a cinematographer is being able to provide a friendly, relaxed and highly collaborative environment on the set, where everyone can feel the joy and excitement of being part of a film crew.
That joy is what led me to pursue this career, and I will always remind myself of how important it is to the succes of any artistic project.

Music videos

Short films


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