Luca Scassa - Cinematographer


Since I was very young, I have always had some interest in capturing the world around me with photos or videos. .

By the time I was 16, I had shot and edited hundreds of videos about sports cars, my biggest interest at the time. A short lived but very formative YouTube career!


When a friend of mine came up with the idea of producing a short movie some years later, something clicked. I loved the idea of making this thing possible using my (very basic) shooting skills and making up a light plan for the scenes. We scrambled up a group of friends, a very basic script, an improvised story board and we started shooting just a few days later. 

That short ('Android revenge') was so fun to make that most of us straight up fell in love with the profession.
Between the seven people that took part, three are now working with the industry in the photography department, one is a scriptwriter and one is an assistant director.

With a strong aesthetic vision and a longing for technical challenges, I was carving my way into the world of cinematography.

​After an intense academic year in 2015, I started working on the first real short movie sets, web series pilots, commercials and so on.

On my very first gigs I worked as an electrician, until eventually taking on some jobs as chief electrician for a few small productions.

(work in progress)


camera operator, chief electrician, 2nd AC, video assist, data manager, first AC and simple grip.



2014 - 2015

Diploma in languages (english, french, spanish)

Master in Cinematography at Shot Academy










'Zeno - Vapore', a music video by Mattonella records

'Zeno - Dopodomani', a music video by Mattonella records

Frank Matano - Tonno spiaggiato promos, a movie theater advertisement by Danilo Bubani, UCI cinemas

It's coming, a short movie by Marco Coppola
Il nido di vespe, a short movie by Matteo Memè, Girama production

Alfred, a short movie by Luigi Pietrobono
'Zeno - Bivio', a music video by Marco Coppola, Mattonella records
'Zeno - Sfocata', a music video by Marco Coppola, Mattonella records

'Zeno - Mayday', a music video by Marco Coppola, Mattonella records
Alex Britti - Pacific Mambo orchestra, a music video by PMO


Feature films and series


L'Eroe, a movie by Cristiano Anania, Mescalito Film (data manager, video assist)


Qui rido io, a movie by Mario Martone, Indigo Film (grip)


Allevi in the jungle, a web series by Simone Valentini, Twister s.r.l. (3rd cam operator, data manager, video assist - nine episodes)



Analkia; Meraviglia, two short movies by Luigi Pietrobono (camera operator)


Germanò - San Cosimato, a music video by Danilo Bubani, LAND HO (camera operator)


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Via dei matti n°0, a live talk show with Stefano Bollani, Rai (camera operator - two episodes)

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