Historically, advertisers have always been relying on eye-catching images and graphics to capture the interest of potential customers. 

With the advent of television and, more recently, the internet and social media, advertisers started to rely heavily on video production for promoting and marketing products.


This process has created many new opportunities in the industry for content creators and visual storytellers.

Promo for Frank Matano's feature film 'Tonno spiaggiato'

This series of three short promotional videos was realized in 2018 for the release of the feature film 'Tonno spiaggiato', written and directed by Francesco 'Frank' Matano.

Two of these advertisements were aired in theaters of the Uci Cinemas franchise during the weeks prior to the release of the movie. The third was distributed as an advertisement in several mobile games featured on Google's 'Play store' and Apple's 'App store'.

My task as a cinematographer was to light this scene on a big white limbo, but the greatest challenge has been holding our laughter with Frank being one of the true masterminds of comedy in Italy!

Promos for the Cinematography course @ Shot Academy

Shot Academy is an acclaimed school of cinematography located in Rome, and it's where I studied too.

I've been their partner for making a series of promotional videos to highlight some of their most interesting workshops.

These two were part of Shot Academy's 2016 and 2018 promotional campaigns.

Advertising for 'Acoustic Liuteria Volterra'

This is an advertising video shot in 2020 for 'Acoustic Liuteria Volterra', featuring guitarists Umberto Fiorentino and Fabio Zeppetella.